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Would I stake my tiny house future on this item?

January 26, 2017
Would I Stake My Tiny House Future On This Item | Tiny Ambitions

I know what you’re thinking. This question is a little drastic. But let me tell you why it isn’t, not really. If you are committing to a tiny house lifestyle, you are also committing to the minuscule amount of storage space that accompanies most tiny houses. Everything you put in your tiny house must serve a purpose. But it also must be something you love, completely.

I know that if I asked this question item by item in my own apartment right now, I would be left with a very small ‘keep’ pile. This is exactly why I am writing this post, instead of hunkering down in my closet right now.

I am finding it difficult to let go of things I know I do not need to keep. I think my scarcity mentality is getting in the way. For the record, I am not new to the downsizing, purging, minimalist game. Last March, I participated in a No Buy March, inspired mainly by Cait Flanders. I followed this up in April with The Minimalist Game from The Minimalists. My housemate and I got rid of 465 items over the course of the month. It was incredibly liberating and surprisingly addictive. My last attempt at downsizing came over the summer when I read the Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo. A wholesale, first-time purge is easy. There are lots of ‘low-hanging fruit’ to choose from. Once you start whittling away, every subsequent purge becomes more and more challenging.

I have donated, recycled, and re-purposed more items than I ever thought I even owned. And yet I am still left with vast collections of items that I know will not fit into the 186ish square feet I will have in my tiny house. So, where does that leave me? Time to buck up and realize I don’t need four different cookbooks on vegan cooking (none of which I use since I now eat primarily paleo), or ten different sweaters of varying shades of gray, for all four Canadian seasons.

So, would I really let a stray cookbook or sweater stand between me and a tiny house if I was moving in tomorrow? Of course not. So why does this question make me queasy? We live in a society afraid of not having enough. But I know I can do this, and so can you.

Remember, if you wouldn’t keep an item to fit into your future tiny house/apartment/condo – why are you letting it take up space in your life right now?

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