1. That’s such a shame that no one turned up to the gathering you put so much effort into organising, Britt! That must have been very hard to see the look of disappointment on Mr TA’s face 🙁 You guys are such thoughtful neighbours. It’s good that you turned the experience into an opportunity for reflection, though (plus it sounds like you went on to have a great night anyway by yourselves!). Having people over for dinner is definitely also something that makes me feel like I need to impress so I usually go out and buy foods to have on the side that we wouldn’t usually eat, just in case the guests don’t like what we serve up. It ends up being a pain afterwards because all the food inevitably doesn’t always get eaten, so we have to eat it ourselves or I have to try and give it away to people at work. I think I really need to get out of the mindset that our way of eating is somehow really weird and that I need to be apologetic about it. Sometimes I just end up suggesting that we meet out for dinner as it ends up being much less stressful and actually cheaper for us in the end!

    • It was definitely nice that we just got to do our own thing. I agree with you though- sometimes just meeting out for dinner is the easiest social option. Then everyone can get what they want and you don’t have to worry about being self-conscious of your own habits. Even though those habits aren’t weird at all.

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