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One Drop at a Time: FeelCBD Oil Review + Giveaway

April 6, 2020
FeelCBD Oil Review _ Tiny Ambitions

Disclaimer: FeelCBD provided me with gifted product to review. All opinions are my own. Previous to my reaching out to FeelCBD to work together for a review and giveaway, I was already using (and loving) their products. 

Medical Disclaimer: This post provides general information and discussions about health and related subjects. The information and other content provided in this blog, or in any linked materials, are not intended and should not be construed as medical advice, nor is the information a substitute for professional medical expertise or treatment.

If you or any other person has a medical concern, you should consult with your health care provider or seek other professional medical treatment. Never disregard professional medical advice or delay in seeking it because of something that you have read on this blog or in any linked materials.

One thing I knew I needed to work on in 2020 was my mental health. My seasonal depression was peak this year, I was having trouble sleeping and my anxiety was also a constant undercurrent of whatever mood I was in that day. I had heard from a lot of friends and family that CBD products could help, but I was nervous to give them a try. 

Just like any product you’ve never tried before, CBD products (and their cousins, THC products) are a confusing world to delve into, especially when you consider the stigma that often accompanies these products (even with full legalization of recreational cannabis in Canada in 2018). 

Like any good Instagrammer, I happened across a Canadian company producing hemp-based CBD products in different blends with essential oils, depending on what you were looking to get relief from. That company was FeelCBD, a company based in Vancouver, BC. Their products combine hemp-derived full spectrum CBD oil and plant-based essential oils. Their product line ranges from vaporizer pens to topicals to oil drops (which are what I’ve been trying out for the last couple of months). 

I won’t be getting into too much detail of how CBD works, but FeelCBD has a great blog where they cover a range of CBD related topics. Feel free to check it out if you want to learn more!

Why I Wanted to Try FeelCBD Oil Drops

My main reason for wanting to try FeelCBD’s products is that I wanted a product that could relieve my anxiety, that I could take during the day while I had to be at work. THC products have also been helpful for my anxiety, but, for a variety of reasons that I am sure are abundantly obvious, I can’t rely on those products when I’m working. The full spectrum CBD that FeelCBD uses undergoes an extra distillation to remove any detectable traces of THC which means it has no psychoactive effects. Based on my experience using three of their CBD oil drops, I can attest to never feeling ‘high’, like you might feel from THC products. 

I occasionally experience panic attacks, but they are a rare occurrence (something I am deeply grateful for). But I’ve been experiencing more panic attacks at work, brought on by certain people I have to work with who interact with me in very aggressive ways that trigger my fight or flight response. It’s embarrassing to admit, but these attacks at work are what spurred my initial desire to try CBD products. I don’t mind when I’m anxious at home. Because I’m not normally doing anything that is impeded by my anxiety. But when I’m at work, I need to have a certain level of certainty that I’m not going to spiral or have a panic attack that I can’t control. 

I want to be clear that CBD drops are not the first foray into methods of dealing with my anxiety. I also have a meditation practice that I lean on when I’m feeling particularly anxious. I try to exercise every day and do yoga or some other form of stretching. I’m also working with a counsellor and doing a Cognitive Behavioural Therapy program. 

When it comes to my anxiety, I’m really just looking for something like works. 

FeelCBD Oil Drops

The first order that I placed with FeelCBD was for their Calm Drops (their bestseller) and their Sleep Drops. I wanted to try something that was more specifically formulated for helping me feel relaxed and calm when I was anxious and I also wanted to try a product specifically formulated for sleep. 

When I reached out to FeelCBD about the possibility of doing this review, they sent me their extra strength Natural Drops to try out. My intention was to use this product primarily for period pain relief (which, for me, can make me unable to leave my bed), or for severe headaches. 

First off, I’m pretty sure FeelCBD has the fastest shipping of any company I’ve ever ordered from. I placed my order with them late in the evening on a Sunday, and they arrived from Vancouver, BC, to my doorstep in northern Ontario, on Wednesday. That’s faster than most things I’ve ever purchased from Amazon Prime. 

Second, I know this doesn’t actually matter from the function of the product, but the bottles are a beautiful semi-translucent glass with labels that are colour coded for each formula. Calm is purple, Sleep is blue, Natural is teal. I’ll also just say that I work in marketing and I have mad respect for their brand design. It is beautiful, minimalist and overall very pleasing to look at. 

It’s also worth noting that, in every case, I have been taking the drops directly, underneath my tongue. You can also put them in a cup of tea or water (which would be delicious with the Calm Drops). The main reason I chose to take them directly is because they are more quickly absorbed that way. I am all about the most immediate relief I can get. 

Tincture 1: Calm Drops

  • Price: normally $49.99, now $34.99 as part of their affordability measures for COVID-19
  • Essential Oil Blend: peppermint, vanilla and lavender
  • Strength: 300mg Full Spectrum CBD

The Calm Drops were the first product I tried when I got my order and let me tell you, they are fantastic. Not that this really matters in terms of how well the formula works, but the drops themselves taste amazing. You wouldn’t think that would be the case with peppermint mixed with vanilla and lavender. But you would be wrong. 

I started with the recommended dose of half a dropper (5mg) one night before bed (I figured it wouldn’t hurt my sleep). I’ve settled on a once in the morning and once in the evening routine when I’m feeling especially anxious. I find taking it twice and spaced out like that gives me the most effective feeling of calm. It is actually hard for me to tell how long it takes for me to feel the effects because they are subtle. I never feel zonked or out of it. I just feel like my ‘normal’, anxiety free self. Calm is the perfect name for these drops, because that’s exactly how I feel when I take them. Calm and relaxed and level. 

I’m at about a half a bottle left right now and you can bet I will be buying more. I might buy multiple bottles at once, especially since FeelCBD has lowered their prices to make them more affordable for people right now. 

Tincture 2: Sleep Drops

  • Price: normally $49.99 or $99.99, now $34.99 or $66.49 as part of their affordability measures for COVID-19
  • Essential Oil Blend: spearmint and ylang ylang
  • Strength: 300mg or 900mg Full Spectrum CBD (I’ve been using the 300mg)

Taste wise, the Sleep Drops are a bit stronger than the Calm Drops, but I didn’t find them unpleasant by any means. I’m just a bigger fan of vanilla and lavender apparently. Can you blame me?

I really wanted these drops to work for me. But no matter what dose or timing I’ve tried, I haven’t really noticed any change to my sleep.  I’ve tried everything from a quarter to a full dropper, anywhere from 30 minutes to 3 hours before I go to bed. The result is always the same, I’m still sleeping not well. 

I don’t know if this has to do with the blend of oils (i.e. maybe spearmint and ylang ylang just don’t agree with me), or if they are not as effective because my sleep problems are often caused by my anxiety and don’t really exist as their own issue. If you struggle with sleep, and only sleep, these might work better for you than they did for me. 

To FeelCBD’s credit, I did get in touch with them to ask about dosing recommendations and they did try their best to help me out.   

Tincture 3: Natural Drops

  • Price: normally $49.99 or $79.99, now $34.99 or $52.49 as part of their affordability measures for COVID-19
  • Essential Oil Blend: none (they are au natural)
  • Strength: 300mg or 600mg Full Spectrum CBD (I’ve been using the 600mg)

Like the name suggests, the Natural Drops taste decidedly…green. Again, it’s not unpleasant. But when you taste them, you know what you’re tasting doesn’t have anything added to them. I originally wanted to try these drops to help with my wonky (aka constantly painful) menstrual cycle but I haven’t had the chance to yet. However, my partner and I have both used them for severe headaches we’ve had in the last couple of weeks and I am happy to report they worked great! 

I have been using the stronger 600mg drops, at 10mg per dose, whenever a severe headache strikes. Like with the Calm Drops, I can’t say for certain how long they take to kick in (it really depends on how you are taking them and your body’s metabolism), but I’ll just all of a sudden notice that my head isn’t killing me anymore. And that is a great feeling.

I personally wouldn’t choose to use these drops for anything other than severe pain, as they are a stronger (and more expensive) strength. I’m trying to reduce my over-the-counter painkiller intake as years of high dosing because of menstrual pain has left me with an incredibly high tolerance. Based on my experience with using these drops for headaches, I think they will make a great stand-in for the usual dose of painkillers I would take (that would rarely have any impact). 

Bottom Line: I’ll be buying more

I’m super pleased with my CBD oil experience. I was casually looking for something to help ease some anxiety and physical pain and I’m happy to report that they have worked for that purpose. At around $50 a bottle, depending on the formula, I know they are not cheap. But they are the only thing I’ve tried in a while that has actually worked for me. Plus, with the new affordability measures FeelCBD has implemented (they are dropping their costs to the minimum needed for them to continue to operate), it will be a little easier on my wallet when I need a refill. 

If you’d like to give FeelCBD a try, use code “tinyambitions” for $10 off your cart. 


The kind folks over at FeelCBD have generously gifted me a Vaporizer Kit to give away to one lucky follower. Here’s what you need to do to enter the giveaway:

  1. Make sure you are following me (@tinyambitions), and FeelCBD (@feelcbdca) on Instagram. 
  2. Comment on my FeelCBD post on Instagram, and let me know you’re interested in the kit.
  3. That’s it!

**The giveaway is open to Canadian residents only, 19+ years of age. The giveaway will close on April 13th. 

Have you tried CBD oil before? How was your experience?

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