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Mindful Content Worth Consuming This Month – August 2018

August 28, 2018
Mindful Content Worth Consuming This Month - August 2018 _ Tiny Ambitions

Welcome to another monthly roundup of just some of the awesome articles floating around the internet this month. I’m branching out this month to include podcast episodes as well as blog posts. Like last month, I’m just so in awe of the other creators in the online spaces of minimalism, personal finance and slow living. If you’ve never come across these awesome possums before, go show them some love!

The Economics of Motherhood – The Fairer Cents

I’ve recently dived into The Fairer Cents podcast and it is the bomb. I’m honestly embarrassed I didn’t get into it sooner. I’ve been digging deep into their archives and I highly recommend this episode in particular. I’m not a mom, and I have zero plans to become one ever. But, this episode does a great job of laying down the facts about how mothers are penalized for having kids, in the workplace and in their finances in general. Runner-up episode would be The Fairer Cents episode on Toxic Masculinity. Just listen to both, you’ll be glad you did (and enraged at the patriarchy, which is a nice side benefit). (Note: this content has an explicit warning on iTunes, just FYI).

P.S. I couldn’t find the link to their Toxic Masculinity episode on their website, but I know it’s in their playlist in Google Podcasts and iTunes.

Questioning the American Dream: Why I’m Not Obsessed With Buying a House – The Luxe Strategist

Even though I am now a homeowner, I am still team tiny house all the way. That’s why this post from Luxe about bucking the societal norm/goal of owning a house resonates with me so much. I’ve always been a little counter to the mainstream when it comes to big life ‘goals’ like houses, marriage and children. I think it’s worth being incredibly sure about any life-changing decision that will impact every area of our life.

What I love about Luxe’s reasoning is that it fits perfectly for her life. She’s not trying to make anyone else happy with her decision, except for herself. And that’s the bomb.

This Could Help With Patrick Rhone – Break the Twitch

Have you ever listened to a podcast and you find yourself nodding along with the conversation? Anthony Ongaro has an incredibly insightful and I would dare to say, mind-blowing, interview with Patrick Rhone, who is a mindfulness/minimalism blogger who shut down his main blog right at the height of its popularity because he’d said everything he wanted to.

In an age where content is overflowing in our inboxes, social media feeds, and every other way we consume content, Patrick’s perspective is refreshing to the max.

(Also, props to Cait Flanders for sharing Break the Twitch with me. I’m definitely a convert!).

Mindful Content Worth Consuming This Month - August 2018 {Pin} _ Tiny Ambitions

The Power of a Complaint Ban – Our Next Life

We all have that one person in our lives who is always complaining about something. We probably don’t like to be around that person for an extended period of time because of it. But, what about our own complaining? The kind that seems to be innocuous, almost expected? Tanja and Mark from Our Next Life share the results of their two and a half-year complaint ban and show the power of banishing complaining – even (and especially) about your work.

I’ve kind of always tried to not be a complainer, but I’ve doubled down on that habit in the last four years or so. I got to a place where I realized that complaining did more mental harm than good for me. Gratitude is absolutely key when replacing a complaining habit. It helps to put things into perspective and helps you realize how fortunate you are to have the life you do.

When You Can’t Do a Lot, Do A Little – She Picks Up Pennies

Truth time – I had three separate posts from Penny on my original list for August. She’s been killing the mindful game lately, so just go over to her site and check out everything she’s been doing.

I wanted to highlight this post in particular because it focuses on how our mindset impacts the changes that we think we can make (or can’t make) in our lives. Sometimes, little change is exactly enough.

For example, I really struggle to be ok with only putting pennies into my retirement/TFSA accounts. But, that’s what has been required lately. I understand the mindset of ‘why bother’ when it isn’t a significant amount of money. Somehow, it doesn’t seem noteworthy enough. Obviously, I recently pressed a serious pause on our tiny house plans and that was probably one of the hardest decisions I’ve ever made. But, it wasn’t a pause on savings (though, the amount has been significantly reduced). It was more of a pause on the mindset. I had to get to a place where I was ok saying goodbye to a good chunk of money that was earmarked for the tiny house and be ok putting it into the downpayment on our house. Like a lot of money things, the mindset is almost as important as the actual money.

When did you last really breathe? – Lisa’s Simple Life Experiment

As soon as so read the title of this post, I actually slowed down my breathing! If that’s not a ringing endorsement for Lisa’s post, I don’t know what is. Lisa gives us a great review of Exhausted to Energised *(affiliate link) by Australian author and women’s health advocate Dr Libby Weaver.

Breathing is something we focused on a lot during my yoga teacher training and it’s one of the things that still stays with me all these years later. Regulating my breathing and emphasizing slow, deep breaths is a key part of my stress and anxiety protocol. I know I’m starting to feel anxious and overwhelmed when I feel my breath getting stuck in my throat. That’s a sure sign that I need to stop what I’m doing and slow down. I’m not always able to tap into the slow breathing space in every situation, but it is reassuring to know that it is there as an option.

Each of these posts/podcast episodes is insightful and worth consuming this month. The one thing I keep coming back to is that our range of experiences are all so different and we can always get something out of reading other people’s work.

Did you read something that really resonated with you this month? Link me in the comments below!

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