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Introducing re: terrible yoga

December 6, 2019
Introducing re: terrible yoga

Remember that time back in July when I teased a new podcast I was working on with my friend? Well, a short five months later, it’s finally happening!

I am beyond excited to share re: terrible yoga with a (tiny slice of the internet) world. It makes me laugh and isn’t like anything I’ve ever made online before.

For context, my friend Elle and I first met in 2014 when we did our yoga teacher training together. We both taught at the same studio for a time before I moved to northern Ontario.

Elle and I are pretty much at the opposite end of the yoga spectrum. Elle loves to teach and practice strong, fast-paced flows. My jam is very long holds with lots of props (aka yin or restorative yoga). 

We love yoga. I don’t think I’m lying by saying the practice has had a significant impact on both of our lives.

But, we also hate yoga. There is a lot about the yoga industry specifically, and the wellness industry more generally, that really annoys us.

That’s what re: terrible yoga is all about. It’s a place where Elle and I can talk about how our personal practices are going (spoiler alert: not normally very well). It’s also a place for us to drag things that annoy us about yoga including but not limited to: yoga influencers, crystal water bottles, and $150 yoga pants.

re: terrible yoga is sassy, sarcastic and not too serious. I hope you enjoy listening to it as much as we enjoyed making it. Seriously, every time I edited an episode I would nearly cry from laughing so hard. So if nothing else, at least I think we’re funny.

You can listen at the links below. If you happen to like what you hear and want us to keep making episodes, leave us a review on iTunes. You can also support the podcast as a listen through our hosting platform, Red Circle. (Feel free to spend your money on literally anything else but us. But if you really insist, we have that option for you). 

Listen to re: terrible yoga on:

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